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The History of Cherribar and About Us Now

With over 15 years on running our own park home and 30 years in the park home - mobile home production we feel we know this industry inside out and with the local trade knowledge and the knowledge of living in Spain we can not only help you move to our site but we can also help with the legal bit's & bob's like:

Spanish residence, Insurance, Bank account's, Will's, Translation's, Pet travel & a Removal company.

We can also help where to go & some amazing places to visit & have a meal etc.

Cherribar park homes, contact us today just ask for all information or about any specific property you are interested in.

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Contact Cherribar

UK Tel: 0844 704 4202

Spain Tel: +34 950 396 908

Spain Tel: +34 629 688 153

Spain Tel: +34 669 557 487

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27 March 2017
31 January 2017
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