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Life and the area around Cherribar Park Homes site in Almeria

Although we actually live in Alicante we try to go down to the Cherribar Parks Homes site at Los Lobos in Almeria as often as we can, usually once a month for at least a few days often longer. Now of course life in Spain really wherever you are is wonderful, good Mediterranean food, usually plenty of sunshine (albeit its pouring with rain as I write this), lovely beaches and friendly people. However there is something really special about Almeria. The countryside is, its true rugged, some would say stark but its impressive. Its greener than Alicante, maybe something to do with the fact that so many crops are grown in the region. There is also so much to do and see in the region. Close to the site, easy driving distance, there is a plethora of golf clubs, bowls clubs, tennis, fitness centers and swimming just to name a few. If organised sport isn't your bag then how about walking, caving, rock climbing, even learning to fly a microlight plane. As for hobbies again its well catered for, bird watching, photography, even flying model planes. Do you enjoy eating out, almost every region in the world has its cuisine represented in the area.

Yet even with all this the outstanding feature is the area itself. rugged mountain scenery gives way to rocky or superb sandy beaches where you can indulge in snorkeling, diving, fishing or many other activities. The biggest naturist beach in Europe is just down the road catering for all ages in a very relaxed way. Little villages tucked away in the mountains or small picturesque fishing villages its your choice. All along the coast there are little coves, sometimes sandy, sometimes rocky where you can often find yourself by yourself if you want tranquility. Prefer larger towns with shops then within easy travelling distance are Lorca, Vera and Águilas all with a wide range of outlets.

We shouldn't ignore the places that require a little more driving like Granada and Almeria. Great to visit with excellent easy access down superb duel carriageway roads with little traffic and we will gives you a brief look later in the series but you might want to think at least of an overnight stay. Even Gibralter is only about 5 hours away by car again on excellent roads with easy driving.

However today we are going to concentrate on one particular place, Mojacar pueblo. No not the Mojacar with the excellent sandy beaches but tucked behind it high on a hill overlooking stunning scenery.

Helen and I have been there many times but not recently so when we down last week we thought would would go up to have look. Our first surprise came when we found our usual road up to it closed to traffic except for residents and we were directed to the the road at the back, about 1km away. Now this is not a bad thing, the original road up was twisty, single line in places and if something big was coming down it could get difficult to say the least. When you did get to the top parking was 'interesting' and that was if you were lucky. The new entrance takes you directly to the new easy access car park just at the foot of the Pueblo. You then walk up into the town. Did you notice the word 'up'? The road while not a long walk is definitely up all the way. You can of course look at the long lines of steps meandering amongst the houses and walk up them if you are feeling fit and brave. Or you can spot the new lift sign as you walk up the road. This new lift takes you from the bottom to the top where you can watch the other people panting and struggling up the steps. Needless to say we used it!

The actual Pueblo itself still has its fascinating collection of gift shops, a bit different from the usual ones with local items and quality goods. Unfortunately when we visited it also had some pretty major building works going on. The square was closed, the restaurant with the terrace overlooking the plains has gone and is a mass or pre stressed concrete being erected. We were assured it would all be completed before the summer. Other local bars are still open so we had a relaxing hour with tapas and beer overlooking the excellent view.....and the building site but you can't have everything.

It is still easy to picture this little village as probably a fortified place in the Middle ages or at the times of the Moors and Christians but, like everything else in the world its changing. How long it will carry on being quaint is unknown. Is it worth taking the time to visit, most definitely yes!

Our articles will over the coming months be looking at other places in the area, other activities and of course the peaceful and relaxed Cherribar Park Homes site. Come with us on our journey to see what you are missing but what you could be enjoying.



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